1 very ripe plantain. 
2 cups cornmeal. 
1 1 / 2 cup fresh white cheese, grated 
Panela or brown sugar 
Oil for frying


 Cook plantain. As itmade , make a Mas ading half of grated cheese. 

 In a bowl put grated panela (or brown sugar) and sufficient water. With this liquid knead the cornmeal. Taste, and make sure it is sweet enough or add sugar. 

 Add the mashed plantain into the dough and the remaining cheese. Kneading until a smooth mixture and it doesn't stick in hands. 

 Take small portions of dough with your hands and, in a smooth and clean surface, form a sticks about 2 cm thick and 10 long. Or according to your preference. Join the ends into the shape of tears.

 In a pan with generous oil, fry th tears about 3 mins. on each side. 


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