Pisca Andina

Pisca Andina

Typical soup from Los Andes region in Venezuela. It is usually taken for breakfast or dinner. It is a light and nutritious soup that’s helps warm the body. Los Andes is a region of high altitude and low temperatures, its habitants tend to includes broths and soups in their foods.


4 Large potatoes
1lt water (You can also use chicken broth to make it tasty)
chive or scallion
4 cloves of garlic
Fresh Coriander
1/4  kg of Smoked cheese (optional)
1/2  lt Milk
4 Egg
Salt and pepper

Cut into dice potatoes and cheese. Place in a pot the water, garlic, chive, and potatoes until they are cooked. Add salt, pepper, and milk. Stir taking care not to boil, finally add coriander, cheese and egg and remove from heat.

 Serve with Arepas Andinas , bread or crackers

Specials Thanks to @Guilka for sharing her family recipe with me!


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