Tajadas & Tostones (Patacones)

Tajadas & Tostones (Patacones)

Two specials side dish with only one special ingredient: Plantain.


Are thin slices of ripen plantain fried. 

Tostones or Patacones:
Are the same tajadas, but with green plantain. Also this preparation it’s a little hard than the tajadas.


1 green plantain
1 cup of corn oil o vegetable oil


Peel the plantain, cut into round pieces a little thick and fry until it begins to brown. Remove plantain from the frying pan and place on absorbent paper in order to remove the excess fat.

Then crush one by one. For what can be placed in a damp towel and then crush with a rolling pin, mallet or hand. Once the plantain becomes crushed, fry again in hot oil until they are golden brown and crisp. Finally, seasoned with salt.


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